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Group Benefits


A value added benefit to your company that we provide when you do group insurance with us-Personal Finance workshop’s in house for your employees at no extra fee.

Group Insurance Broker

We specialize in marketing your group insurance plan by having access to most of the major group insurance providers in Canada.

Competitive and comprehensive group insurance is the objective in helping you achieve your group insurance needs. No company is too large or to small – we can do it all!

We have contracts with most major group insurance providers in Canada. Your group plan will be designed with care, keeping your needs and budget in mind. We will help to explain the differences in group plans to you, and help you to make an informed decision while providing expert service and support.

Group Insurance Benefits Include

We also offer quotes for an ASO (Administrative Service Only) Group plan. We offer group benefits for companies from 20 to over 100 employees.

Employee Benefits

some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is in a good group benefits plan for you?
  2. What is in a good group benefits plan for your employees?
  3. As a business owner are you getting the most value for your dollar with your employee benefit plan?

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