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Whether you are just starting out with investing or have been investing for numerous years, our approach to wealth management starts with first identifying the following:

  1. Are your investments properly aligned with your investment goals?
  2. Are your investments properly aligned with your risk tolerance (your comfort level)?
  3. Are they properly diversified?

We believe it’s about understanding you and your needs before starting the investment process.

Our process is simple, and not like some ‘traditional’ institutions that bombard you with funds and information, while making recommendations to you right in the beginning.

We get to know you first, and understand what your true investment needs are. We want to get to know you as an individual first.

Wealth management options being offered are broken down into two components:

  1. Traditional
  2. Strategically Advanced

Traditional services and offerings include:

Strategically Advanced Services:

If you are invested at another institution, we will not pressure you to transfer all your assets over (like most traditional institutions do). We believe we have to earn the right to your business. If it starts with a small amount, then so be it. We want you to experience that investing is more about putting away money every single month – it’s about being involved in your money. It is about learning about it and making sure that you are invested in the right product with the right allocation.

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